Where Are They Now?
We caught up with some of the cuties featured last year to see how they're progressing. Compare before/after photos in our slide show and find out how much giant panda cub Mei Lan now weighs, what Asian elephant Mac did for his first birthday, and which youngster's no longer a shy mama's boy.
  |  Monday, May 19, 2008

Zoo Atlanta

PANDA: Giant panda cub Mei Lan was fully weaned from her mother, Lun Lun, in March and has clearly been eating her bamboo—she's up to 110 pounds. The zoo posts frequent panda updates. Keeper Heather Baker Roberts wrote on May 9: "This morning when I tossed some extra bamboo into the habitat for Mei Lan, she stood up on her 'knees' and reached out her forepaws seemingly to catch the bamboo. She was not tall enough, of course, and could not reach it, but it was still very cute."

WATERBUCK: Obi is no longer the littlest waterbuck calling the African Plains exhibit home. He has a younger sister, Binti, who was born in summer 2007.

GORILLA TWINS: Kali and Kazi, who will turn 3 on Halloween, are a rare example of twin western lowland gorillas. Mom Kuchi has her hands full trying to keep an eye on the two as they scamper around the exhibit. A tomboy, Kazi often winds up pinning her brother to the ground.

GIRAFFE: Abu, now 3, got two new playmates when Glenda and Mona recently arrived from Disney. The 2-year-old girls have helped brighten the mood after the death of Masai giraffe Betunia, 23, in August.

Zoo Babies 2007: Zoo Atlanta

Bronx Zoo

RHINO: Since we first reported on this Indian rhino baby, she's been named Nickel to pair up with her mother, Penny. Linda Corcoran, assistant director of communications, says that Nickel's personality is like that of every little rhino: "She's playful and curious but runs to mom any time there is something new or unfamiliar."

GIRAFFE: As the weather improves, Margaret, 1½, has been spending more and more time outdoors on the African Trail. She has a gentle spirit and, as an only child, gets her mom's full attention, at least for now.

Zoo Babies 2007: Bronx Zoo

Houston Zoo

GOAT: Jasper, a brown-and-white Nigerian dwarf goat, turned 1 on April 1 and has really come into his own—no longer the shy mama's boy we wrote about last year. Handsome and popular, he enjoys being brushed and petted.

ELAND: Already 71 pounds at birth, eland Stella has grown into a big healthy 547 pounds as of late April. She still stays close to mom Dorothy and loves the attention of her keepers and fans.

ELEPHANT: Like most youngsters, Mac eagerly ripped open his presents and gobbled cake at his first birthday party back in October. Now 1½, Mac has reached the 1,700-pound mark. "His favorite toy right now is a very large tree trunk," reports Brian Hill, director of public affairs. "It's bigger than he is, but he has no trouble pushing it around."

Zoo Babies 2007: Houston Zoo