Fiji Contest Update: What We Like

We've assembled some of the best photos, videos, and Travel Journals submitted by readers (and we've provided some feedback, too!). Check our home page for the winners.

We're Liking

Born With Gypsy Shoes: Travels on the Amalfi Coast

Born With Gypsy Shoes: Travels on the Amalfi Coast, a Journal by donnamia Our Notes: We can't help thinking that this was the trip of a lifetime—goatherds, limoncello, and the Amalfi Coast. La dolce vita, indeed.

Whitewater Rafting in Tena, Ecuador

Whitewater Rafting in Tena, Ecuador, a Journal by nadavena Our Notes: Sounds like a true adventure! And for the record, we experienced the same problem with wild dogs in Ecuador! Thanks for your great contributions.

Autumn Carpeting

Autumn Carpeting, a Photo by Alichka Our Notes: We asked for pics from the changing season, and this one made us wistful. Next year, we'll go leaf peeping—no excuses. Thanks for the super-complete profile page, too.

Malawi Thumb War

Malawi Thumb War, a Photo by seankinghorn Our Notes: 1, 2, 3, 4, we declare that this photo has great tags and a good caption. But you don't have any profile info. What trips are you planning for the future?

Ziplining in Fiji

Ziplining in Fiji, a Video by manalihassan Our Notes: What an adrenaline rush—and you didn't drop the camera! You've got a lot of Fiji submissions, and a Travel Journal would be a great way to tie them all together.

We're Looking For

Photos, Videos, and Travel Journals

We love all the photos, videos, and Travel Journals you've been sending us of France and Italy. Now we are looking for your submissions from all over Spain, including the Costa Brava, Seville, Bilbao, Madrid, and Barcelona.

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Week 4
Storm Coming to Lyon

Storm Coming to Lyon, a Photo by mdeguide Our Notes: Wow, what a dramatic shot! We'd love to see a caption that adds a little context. When were you in Lyon, and where were you headed? And keep in mind that including tags will help others find your photo more easily.

It's the Journey, Not the Destination

It's the Journey, Not the Destination, a Journal by smartie1 Our Notes: You brought new life to the old adage. We want to drive a little red convertible on the open road with friends. Maybe you'd like to update your profile page?

Machu Picchu All to Ourselves

Machu Picchu All to Ourselves, a Photo by kevindube Our Notes: You captured the "Lost City" at a perfect moment. The photo tags are great. Also, a caption with some info about the trek would help give us more context—you got us interested.

Cloisters at Mont St. Michel

Cloisters at Mont St. Michel, a Photo by gmaso Our Notes: Stunning! And your caption seems to really capture the story behind this shot.

Windmill in Holland

Windmill in Holland, a Photo by cspaid Our Notes: Good job with the tags, but what brought you to Holland? How about adding a caption that tells readers a bit more about your trip?

Week 3
Medieval Ruins, Cefalù, Sicily

Medieval Ruins, Cefalù, Sicily, a Photo by nancyb926 Our Notes: Sometimes the shot just takes itself—medieval ruins atop a coastal promonotory are pretty can't-miss. A lovely photo. But we'd love to hear a little backstory on the ruins themselves.

Just Off the Map in Florence

Just Off the Map in Florence, a Journal by hermitsisland2006 Our Notes: We loved this Travel Journal. And we can't wait to try chocolate pistachio gelato with red pepper flakes, either (painful ice cream!). Maybe a little more of your travel history on your profile page?

Li River Cruise, Guillin China

Li River Cruise, Guillin China, a Photo by nancyb926 Our Notes: Hey, sepia-tone is cheating! But we like it anyway. Anything memorable from the trip that you'd want to update in your caption? Also, more users could find this shot if you include tags.

Burgundy Fall

Burgundy Fall, a Photo by herronali Our Notes: Nice, subtle approach to the season. Still, we'd love a little more context in your caption. Have you thought about adding a Travel Journal about your trip to Burgundy?

Gibbon Drinking Ensure From a Bottle

Gibbon Drinking Ensure From a Bottle, a Video by sea0tter12 Our Notes: Frogs, moose, bears, hyenas… Now, add gibbons to the mix. A fun video—and a great job with your caption and tags. Both will help other readers find your video.

Week 2
Poisonous Dart Frogs

Poisonous Dart Frogs, a Photo by Valarie Vanario Our Notes: We've seen bears, moose, ducks—now frogs. This is an especially poisonous variety, cute as a button until you try to eat it. A little advice for Valarie: Put quotation marks around "Costa Rica" in your photo tags!

Venice: A Girlfriend's Guide (Boys Allowed) Part 1

Venice: A Girlfriend's Guide (Boys Allowed) Part 1, a Journal by LTBergren Our Notes: Thanks for the tip, LT. When we're in Venice next time, we'll tote along laminated maps. In the meantime, it would be nice to see a photo of the Grand Canal in your Travel Journal.

Penobscot River, Maine

Penobscot River, Maine, a Photo by cspaid Our Notes: Dreamy. A fabulous spot for a picnic, even if it's a little damp! Thanks for adding tags and a caption; it will help other readers find it. But don't you want to update your profile page?

Island of Malta near Blue Grotto

Island of Malta Near Blue Grotto, a Photo by hmhickox Our Notes: This one makes us want to leave work. Right now. Still, we could use some more context—where were you, exactly, and what struck you about the shot?

A Tuk-tuk ride through Bangkok

A Tuk-tuk Ride Through Bangkok, a Video by traveleyed Our Notes: A helter-skelter ride through Bangkok, with music. If you want a lot of readers to see it, you should add a caption and some video tags. Enclose tag phrases in quotation marks (like "tuk-tuk ride").

Week 1
Ship Afire

Ship Afire, a Photo by adbrat Our Notes: Fantastic shot—and your caption helped provide some context. But no profile picture so far?

English Market

English Market, a Journal by iatraveler Our Notes: A fun & insightful Travel Journal with great pictures and helpful tags. Plus, thanks for posting so much! You're obviously a passionate traveler.

Fishing with the Bears at Wolverine Creek!

Fishing with the Bears at Wolverine Creek!, a Journal by Olsby Our Notes: Sounds like the bears caught a ton of fish too. Thanks for the story—but if you add tags more people will find it!

Moose on the Kenai

Moose on the Kenai, a Photo by sharonl5555 Our Notes: Wow, that's up close and personal. We'd love to see a little more in your caption, so we could know the whole story.

Please Give Me Some Loving!

Please Give Me Some Loving!, a Video by aimeefan Our Notes: Ah, cute! Too bad they grow up to be hyenas… Thanks for adding a useful caption, and tags too.