"My Brooklyn Is Better Than Yours"—Highlights of Williamsburg
Map of Williamsburg
EAT: Dumont Burger, 314 Bedford Ave., 718/384-6127.
Eight-ounce burgers, great draft beer, and a cozy, neighborhood vibe.
EAT: Aurora, 70 Grand St., 718/388-5100, auroraristorante.com.
Authentic Italian dishes and a chic ambience attract a hip, lively crowd.
PLAY: Riviera Gallery, 103 Metropolitan Ave., 718/599-5589, seeyouattheriviera.com.
A key player in Williamsburg's growing gallery scene.
SHOP: Spoonbill & Sugartown Books, 218 Bedford Ave., 718/387-7322.
Used, new, and rare books on art, architecture, design, and more.
EAT: Fabiannes Café & Pastry Shop, 142 N. Fifth St., 718/218-9632.
Euro-style café with a substantial menu and a side of hipster 'tude.
SHOP: Ugly Luggage, 214 Bedford Ave., 718/384-0724.
Retro furniture, housewares, and accessories from the '40s through the '80s.
EAT: Fada, 530 Driggs Ave., 718/388-6607.
French fare in a relaxed bistro setting, with year-round garden seating.
SHOP: The Future Perfect, 115 N. Sixth St., 718/599-6278, thefutureperfect.com.
World renowned for edgy home decor from up-and-coming designers.
SHOP: Sleep, 110 N. Sixth St., 718/384-3211.
Top-notch bedding, linens, and lingerie.
PLAY: Galapagos, 70 N. Sixth St., 718/782-5188, galapagosartspace.com.
A performance space/gallery/bar housed in a converted factory.