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Thursday, November 13, 2008
Daniel Craig as James Bond
With 22 films behind him, James Bond has visited more glamorous hotspots than you ever will. But it's sure fun trying to keep up. Here's a look at some of the super spy's far-flung itineraries, plus details about the new movie—opening tomorrow—and a slide show.
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This Just In
Peter Greenberg, NBC's travel correspondent and author of the new book Don't Go There, has a surprisingly negative take on United right now. He blogs: "If you have any miles accumulated on airlines like United, I suggest you figure out a way to redeem those miles on their partner airlines." read post

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Couple bicycling
Even parents whose kids are perfect angels could use a break once in a while. Here are six fresh ideas for easy getaways where kids are likely to be thin on the ground. read more
Charming Hotels Under $150 See photos and then share your best hotel picks by posting a comment… Oh No! We Got Ripped Off in India A cautionary tale and reminder to do research before making a major purchase abroad… Legendary Surf Towns Follow the surfers, and wherever you land, you'll find a great vibe.
Winter in Central Park
Affordable hotel stays in Manhattan—even over the holidays—with perks like ice-skating, gourmet hot chocolate, and museum tickets, from $160. why they're a deal
Sunset over Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta Mexico hasn't been this cheap in 15 years. The only question is where to plan your sunny escape: Cancún, Cozumel, Ixtapa, Los Cabos, Mazatlán, or Puerto Vallarta. Hotel rates start at $61 a night.
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Disko Bay, Greenland The meltdown of Iceland's financial system has made vacationing there a great value. This trip divides six nights between the hip capital, Reykjavík, and Kulusuk, an island settlement among the fjords of eastern Greenland, including regional airfare and all taxes, for $1,149. why it's a deal
Angie and Jenny at Sundara
Before you put on that fluffy robe, take a few tips from these avid spa-goers on how to get the most bliss for your buck. read more
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