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Thursday, May 22, 2008
Our 10th Anniversary issue
After we finished congratulating ourselves for having such a great idea—letting readers write and photograph our 10th-anniversary issue—the fear kicked in. Had we made a giant mistake? Giving up control is not something editors like to do. But as soon as we began hearing from you, we knew we had something special. This newsletter highlights some of your best contributions to the issue, now on newsstands. read more
Heather Anne in Zambia We invited readers to pitch us ideas, and we sent the five winners on assignment all over the world. Heather Anne Cunningham of Boise, Idaho, wrote: "I'd like to try an all-camping safari in southern Africa. I did a little bit of camping on my previous safari and loved listening to the intense animal sounds at night—I could hear all kinds of dramas being played out." We sent her on a 15-day adventure in Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia. Check out her story and a slide show of her photos! read more
Zabar's Our "25 Reasons" stories pinpoint the details that make a place unique. But when you're talking about the greatest city in the world, 25 just isn't going to cut it. An old-time jazz club, a department store whose shoe floor has its own zip code, world-class falafel, feeling fab—and feeling anonymous—are just a few of the reasons why the city wins you over. Get a peek in this slide show of photos by reader Cheryl Lemanski of Chicago, Ill. read more
Wheelie bag When we asked you to tell us what the 10 best travel innovations of the past decade or so were, so many ideas came in—with convincing explanations—that we put the 20 finalists to a vote at BudgetTravel.com. (This is an election year, after all.) read more
Laura MacNeil in a tailor shop Budget Travel editors usually coach readers through their travels, but for the anniversary issue, the tables were turned. Editors posted questions on our blog, and readers weighed in on where to go, eat, sleep, and shop. Thanks for your great tips on everything from the cutest boutique in Bend, Ore., to a mozzarella bar in Rome.
read more
Reader Cheryl Hannah in Florence If there's one section that we consistently hear is your favorite, it's 40 Best Deals. The companies that we've featured over the years are offering packages with exclusive perks and discounts only for BT readers. For instance, get a free rental car with a five-night stay on Kauai including airfare, from $715, or three free sightseeing tours in Malta with an air/hotel package, from $1,699. read more
The Met's Peter Clark leading Bill into the opera house Who better to upgrade for our 10th anniversary than our longest-running subscriber, Bill Herndon of El Paso, Tex.? We flew him to New York City, put him up at the luxurious Jumeirah Essex House, and got him a ticket to Ernani at the Metropolitan Opera, along with a backstage tour. read more
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