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Monday, October 29, 2007
Anne Wood, program director, Mountain Sobek Travel
We asked eight people who explore for a living—whether to source coffee, scout new hotel and tour locations, or meet with local craftsmen—to share their hard-earned travel tips. Get their opinions on how to deal with jet lag, when to eat street food, how to seek out non-touristy spots, what to do when traveling solo, and more! read more
It may be the world's largest hotel revamp ever, involving 3,125 Holiday Inn hotels worldwide. Out goes the "motor lodge-style" approach, and in come sleek exteriors, along with new bedding and lobbies, stronger water pressure, and other changes recommended by surveyed customers. POST A COMMENT!
A priest peers out from the church Yemrehanna Kristos
Evocative photos by Evelyn Hockstein offer a rare look at daily life and worship in Ethiopia, where 11 churches were carved into bedrock nearly eight centuries ago. You don't have to be a believer to be intrigued by the mystery or awed by the majesty of the land and its people. LAUNCH THE SLIDE SHOW
Travel is one of those things that you'd get really good at if you did them all the time. Unfortunately, few people get to do it all the time—including the staff of Budget Travel. So we're pooling our knowledge: We ask you a question, you share your advice, and then we spotlight the most helpful tips in a future magazine issue. This week's question is: "My family has a cabin in Mt. Vernon, ME. I've been going since I was a child and always wind up doing the same things—hiking, swimming, and rafting. I'm going in November and wondering what to do that's well-suited to the cooler fall months?" —Lauren Keenan, Associate Photo Editor submit your answer now
Art Deco buildings in South Beach
JetBlue has launched a sale on airfares and packages, like this one that provides round-trip airfare and three nights in a hotel in sizzling South Beach from $395. why it's a deal
Seven nights' accommodations at cozy pousadas (inns) throughout Portugal, with daily breakfast and an eight-day rental car from about $539. why it's a deal
True Stories winner
In Rome, my son was entertained by a boy playing the violin in Campo de' Fiori. Rather than finish his dinner, he joined the violinist, dancing happily in front of him. As a joke, my husband put a hat near the boys. Onlookers were so entertained that they began to drop euros into the hat. My son earned more than €20 during his 20 minutes of dancing! We gave the money to the young violinist and treated both of the kids to gelato. —Lucy Zamary, North Lima, Ohio read more

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Sheila Beal
Sheila Beal, editor of GoVisitHawaii.com, answers your questions about Hawaii on Tuesday, October 30 at noon E.T.
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