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Monday, October 22, 2007
Anemomilos Apartments on Folegandros, Greece
Chic, stylish, boutique—blah, blah, blah. What we want in a hotel is that unique mix of warmth and personality. In other words, we want it to be totally charming. A few of our picks: a Buenos Aires hotel with a roof garden, canopy beds, and a contemporary art gallery ($65); a Costa Rican lodge whose bungalows have mosaics and hammocks ($85); and a cheery French villa whose owner makes apricot and peach-apple jams for breakfast ($116).
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It's not easy being "green," but more and more companies are trying to be friendly to the environment. For example, 40 restaurants at Vail Resorts are now serving hormone-free meats and poultry and organic dairy products. What's your view? Would you pay a little more for a flight, rental car, or hotel room if the company uses eco-friendly products?
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I Love NY mugs
Everyone who visits New York City has a different opinion about what is essential to the place. So let's hear it: What do you think captures New York's character or appeal? We've heard plenty about classics like the Empire State Building and Broadway, so the less obvious your choice, the better! To get your juices flowing, here are a half-dozen of the many good NYC responses we've gotten from other readers so far. read more
The BT Minute
Why is it that sometimes our vacation photos don't live up to the memories? Watch our Budget Travel Minute video for tips on how to take great photos! watch the video

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Travel is one of those things that you'd get really good at if you did them all the time. Unfortunately, few people get to do it all the time—including the staff of Budget Travel. So we're pooling our knowledge: We ask you a question, you share your advice, and then we spotlight the most helpful tips in a future issue of the magazine. This week's question is: "I'll be in Amsterdam for a week in February with my husband and our 5-year-old son. We're looking for kid-friendly activities, a good day-trip by metro, and (for me) fashion-forward clothing shops." —Suzanne McElfresh, managing editor online
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The Marche Bonsecours in Old Montreal
The tourism board has reintroduced its Sweet Deal promotion, allowing travelers to choose among 25 hotels, stay one night at full price (from $127 per room), and then receive a 50 percent discount for the second night (from $64 per room). why it's a deal
Round-trip airfare, four nights at a beach resort in Mazatlán, and a $150 activity credit voucher, from $599. why it's a deal
Sandra Gustafson
Sandra Gustafson, author of Great Sleeps Paris and Great Eats Paris, will answer your questions on Tuesday, October 23, at noon (ET).
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