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Thursday, August 30, 2007
Budget Travel's Anniversary
Budget Travel's 10th anniversary will be in 2008—and to celebrate the occasion, we're devoting our June 2008 issue entirely to our readers. That means you'll be the ones doing the writing and taking the pictures! We truly can't do this without you, so please read below to find out how you can contribute.
Budget Travel's first cover photo We're looking for a fantastic travel photograph taken in 1998 or later. The one we deem the best will be on the cover of the June issue! (Pictured is our first ever issue, Spring 1998).
read on for details
Stonehole Bay, Bermuda Four different readers will each get to report a big story for us. If you think you have the best story suggestion ever, send us a pitch. It can be anywhere in the world as long as the idea behind the trip is unique. Include some background on what makes the destination special (is it a place people don't know about? is something happening that we should know about?), why you think other people will care, and why you're the person to write it. submit your dream assignment

For inspiration:
Brady Street, Milwaukee Prove it! We're looking for someone to write an essay on his or her hometown (and by "hometown," we mean the place you grew up). It'll really help if you have a strong point of view, if you can make a persuasive case for visiting the city/town, and if you can come up with the vivid details that bring the place to life. Think your hometown is a winner? Then use our easy online form to make your case now, and you may be chosen to write a full article later. submit a short and convincing description
Lost traveler We all make mistakes—ever shown up at the wrong airport?—and learn from them. What travel insights have you picked up from hard-earned experience? We want to hear your advice—and all about the travel mishaps that you learned from. Send your tales to Letters@BudgetTravel.com and include your name, phone, and e-mail (we'll only contact you if necessary, and we won't share your contact info!).
e-mail us now
The Smart Traveler's Passport What innovation has made your travels more enjoyable? It could be a product, such as noise-canceling headphones. It could be a website that provides driving directions. It could be a service, such as electronic toll collection for highways (like E-ZPass in the Northeast). Or it could be a customer-service touch, such as hotels adding curved shower rods to their bathrooms. If your idea is picked as one of the top 10, you'll receive a copy of The Smart Traveler's Passport: 399 Tips From Seasoned Travelers. Remember, we're looking for innovations that have become widespread since 1998.
submit your innovation
I Love New York Everyone who visits New York City has a different opinion about what is essential about the place. So let's hear it! What do you think captures New York's character or appeal? We want to know what you love about the city and why. The more specific, the better: Tell us about the restaurant, shop, attraction, or characteristic that makes New York so uniquely New York. make your case
A burger at Loulou's Griddle in the Middle, in California's Monterey Peninsula If you were to recommend a single restaurant in your town, which one would it be? We're looking for any info you can think of: When it opened, where it's located, what it looks like inside (quirky details are a plus), who the chef is, and of course, why you love the food (what's that one dish you always order?). submit your recommendation
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