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Greatest Hits 2008

Budget Travel's editors compile their best travel stories of this year.
World's Weirdest Hotels The digs at these hotels are every bit as strange as the dreams you'll have when you lay your head on their pillows. READ MORE
World's Weirdest Hotels
Digs as strange as the dreams you'll have.
Zoo Babies
Adorable photos and fun facts about newborns.
Scouting Report
The best places you've never heard of.
Coolest Small Towns
Rivaling larger cities in culture and food.
Best Travel Innovations
The top 10 innovations from the past decade.
Hotels We Love
Santo Stefano, Italy
The Italian Town That Became a Hotel Ancient Italian villages are being turned into a new kind of hotel, where the rooms are spread out across town and you share the streets with residents. One of the best is Sextantio, in the Abruzzi mountains.
Golden retrievers Ultimate Pet Travel: Visit Your Dog's Ancestral Home
Travel to the birthplaces of golden retrievers, Boston terriers, and five other popular breeds. Here are seven vacation ideas you—and your pooch—can dig.
Great Travel Reads
Plaza de la Trinidad, Cartagena
From Cartagena, With Love Colombia's vibrant seaside city is experiencing a rebirth. The country's long civil war has subsided, but the attraction for Liz Ozaist was deeper: She went to discover the place that first enchanted her father 20 years ago.
Totem poles in Stanley Park How to Book Vancouver 2010
Want good tickets to the 2010 Winter Olympics, held in Canada's Far West? There's no time to waste: They're on sale now.
Series: My Cut
Fuji TV building in Tokyo
Tokyo, My Cut Our photographer exposes the energy of Tokyo's street life—neon, anime, jagged architecture—as well as its quieter moments and whimsy.
Best of the Blog
Seine River at sunset
Affordable Paris Series Our series of blog posts—from writers here and abroad—is devoted to helping you get the most fun and excitement out of your trip without blowing the bank.
Packing: Backpackers Do It With Less You'll never have to check a bag again—and pay that annoying $15 fee—with these lightweight and compact items beloved by hikers and campers.
The Chrysler Building Quiz: Think You Know NYC?
Put your city smarts to the test by taking our 12-question trivia quiz—each answer reveals a neat tip for your next visit.
Big Ben and the London skyline
Expensive Cities on the Cheap Strategies for navigating notoriously pricey cities like Honolulu, London, New York, and Tokyo, along with unique experiences in each that won't cost you a penny.
Clouds sweeping across Volcan Arenal First Approach: Which Costa Rica Is Right for You?
Here's a snapshot of the popular Central American country's defining experiences: beaches, ecofriendly activities, and adrenaline rushes. Get a sense of which ones fit your travel style.
Menu Decoders
Morocco Menu Decoder Don't know harira from harissa? Before your next trip, print out one of this handy decoder with translations of food terms and popular dishes.

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